Deadpilottuna, AKA: Charles Green is a former airline pilot who survived a plane crash that ended not only his career but also his identity and his very place in life. For no explained reason four and a half years after the crash, I found myself suddenly and unexplainably able to paint. Taking what I had no ability to do and losing all anxiety of it and being able to show my thoughts. It's a gift really, a gift I want to share with others. Maybe I'm crazy but it's worth a try if people like it, I'm honored to create for them. (I personally would have never put my art up if it weren't for those I love encouraging me to do so. Especially Sam and Trevor, my two sons. I love you both with all my heart.). Thanks everyone, no matter what happens. Without everyone who loves, likes, or even tolerates this/me I'm nothing. You all rock! You all know who you are. Spread the word and my art, please? Thank you.